Kosmic Horizon: November 2013

Photo by Chad, Temecula, 2013.

This month begins in the heart of Mercury’s retrograde cycle in Scorpio. To further amplify the perception that reality seems to be turned entirely upside down, a hybrid/total solar eclipse in Scorpio occurs just three days into November. I wrote about this and Mercury retrograde in an article here.

To reiterate: this eclipse conjoins Saturn—a planet that governs real, tangible results which stem directly from our efforts in the world. Saturn is serious, disciplined and focused. It is the archetype of pure structure and consistency. Think of Saturn as a containment vessel, or the framework that supports an entire system.

What Saturn touches needs to be strong; it needs to withstand the chaos inherent to the universe. Scorpio is a water sign; its nature is fluid and ethereal. But it is also a fixed sign. When these archetypes come together, we get a hardening of fluid, like ice, or a condensing of spiritual or psychic forces.

Imagine this: the earth is a solid mass composed of hardened minerals. At some point in our planet’s evolutionary process it was a hot mass of molten rock. It eventually cooled. Today we see great mountains of solid structure and stability. That process of cooling and condensing chaotic and turbulent liquid is sort of an apt analogy for this eclipse.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes over the Sun. For a brief period of time, the hidden, unconscious and primal lunar archetype casts a shadow over the visible and conscious awareness. It presents the ego with a crisis. It reveals the absurdity of the illusionary self. In that brief moment of time, things get real.

The effect is even more powerful if you can actually see it. The eclipse is a mysterious, beautiful and ominous event. This one is pretty heavy, but it isn’t an omen of doom and gloom. Of all the planets, Saturn brings us the greatest sense of purpose, accomplishment and strength.

Hopefully, for most of us, we will feel the solidity of this eclipse. We will glimpse deeply into places within ourselves we have forgotten or pushed aside. We will embrace our own darkness and learn to love it the way that it is. Along with Mercury retrograde, we may reconsider some aspect of the world we have been afraid to look at, seeing it in an entirely new and different light.

Saturn is also the archetype of death. As the lord of time, Saturn confronts us with the reality of finite existence. Scorpio also deals with death, decay and unnerving, uncomfortable truths. But death comes in many shapes and forms. In a way, we die each and every day.

There are usually two responses to Saturn. One is that it overwhelms us, and we succumb to depression, futility or hopelessness. The other, we step up to the challenge and let go of the shell we have outgrown. Push through this eclipse, charge your way into the darkness; light will once again return.

If we’re “on track”, doing what we need to do—taking responsibility, allowing ourselves to grow—Saturn reminds us of our hard work and effort, we feel a sense of fulfillment and meaning. If we’ve been slacking off and evading responsibilities, we feel that Saturnian “kick in the ass”. Ideally, the latter response simply gets us back on track without too much drama. However, sometimes, more serious measures are required.

As the month continues on, we gradually find our way out of the eclipse passageway and Mercury’s retrograde cycle, back into calmer waters. The most significant events are compressed at the very beginning of the month. In way, we get a slight reprieve and some time to get back into the normal flow of things.

Due to other projects and responsibilities, this month’s Kosmic Horizon is a bit shorter and simplified than usual--my apologies to those who enjoy these posts.

As the month begins we’re greeted by the fourth square between Uranus and Pluto--the sign of the times on Nov 1. This is a powerful background transit that generates a profound urge to incite social reformation. This kicks the intensity up a notch as we move into the solar eclipse energy field. This is also a pivotal day because Mercury retrograde conjoins the Sun; and both planets sextile Pluto and trine Chiron.

It feels like a new beginning. The Sun and Mercury’s synodic mingling incites a new creative cycle. Whatever we find ourselves reworking now will likely carry on and have significance until the next retrograde. We’re more interested in deeper subject matter that has a transformative impact on perceptual awareness.

Today could be a potentially insightful and meaningful day. Mercury sextile Mars generates an energizing excitement that propels us to probe deeper. The key is to allow yourself to feel insights--analyzing them to death will get you nowhere. Give the mind a break, and try to go at it psychically or intuitively.

Also be on the lookout for Mercury retrograde mishaps (communication breakdowns and technical foibles). While initially annoying, they often point us to highly relevant weak spots. What pops up today may actually be a lot more helpful or useful than usual.

On Nov 3 the solar eclipse in Scorpio creates a sense of transparency of the world around and within us. Perhaps certain aspects of reality are suddenly more visible, obvious or apparent. While the eclipse sextiles Mars, the planet of action, take more time to tune out of the constant barrage of activity and simply pay attention to your own awareness.

Channel any sudden surge of energy into exploring inner and intimate realms. Some of us may feel more inclined toward isolation, while others won’t be able to stand the silence, requiring social distractions. Directing your gaze inwardly will be illuminating and rewarding.

The eclipse energy may feel pretty heavy and intense. It’s certainly not a day for making any serious decisions. If you can, take some time out and just tune in with yourself or get more intimate with a partner.

Venus entering Capricorn on Nov 5 adds another layer of seriousness and focus to the collective backdrop. Practical strategies and intentional action are more in vogue. The collective taste leans more toward simplicity, practicality and minimalism.

The Sun’s exact conjunction with Saturn on Nov 6 allows for an integration of material stirred up by the eclipse over the past few days. As the Sun and Saturn meet today, a razor sharp focus helps to facilitate a deeper penetration of personal issues. The conjunction is also supportive of self-discipline and an ability to pursue goals or ambitions.

Mercury will make a unique double trine to Neptune Nov 9 through Nov 11. As Mercury retrograde slows to stationary, it trines Neptune first on Nov 9, and then makes another contact after it turns direct, exact on Nov 11. This creates an interesting and unusual double take. That flash of inspiration or vision may not be so as fleeting as usual.

These three days may bring about a powerful opening within the mind. Vast spiritual insights come pouring in, changing perceptions and assumptions about how reality really works. Mercury trine Neptune gives us several days to verbally articulate elusive concepts and personal dreams. You might be surprised by what comes out of your mouth, and how deeply and profoundly it comes across.

Venus forms a t-square with Uranus and Pluto, entering the tumultuous cardinal zone Nov 14 through 15. This has tremendous collective impact. Venus seeks peace, diplomacy and aesthetic expression. This configuration could trigger artistic inspiration that motivates and encourages radical social change.

It equally brings up issues within relationships, and asks if we’re ready to make some critical changes and compromises. If conflicts arise, Venus in Capricorn suggests that going inward and taking some time out to reflect in isolation will help bring about a clear intention of what needs to be done.

Venus conjunct Pluto brings out all those blind spots we’d rather just push aside. Taking responsibility for the shadows in your relationships will help you to transcend the blame game and truly grow past stagnation. Power tripping or an attempt to dictate everyone else’s life will likely backfire instantly.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Nov 17 effectively breaks up the energy of the past few weeks. It brings about a grounding sense of stability. With so much acceleration of energy from the eclipses and the Uranus/Pluto square, this Full Moon allows us to take stock, slow down and come back to Earth.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov 21. In a way, this helps to lighten up the intensity of the past few weeks. The Sun’s journey through Sagittarius can stir up collective enthusiasm and a pursuit of truth. However, the truth may be a bit elusive as the Sun squares Neptune on Nov 24.

Reality may not match ideals or carefully laid out philosophies. Before jumping on the bandwagon or enthusiastically espousing a convincing revelation, you may want to take some time out to ponder all the possibilities and the veracity of supposed truths.

Mercury makes its third conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio on Nov 25. Serious and deep conversations may be ubiquitous. Psychic communication can be directed to acquire incredibly useful insights. Projects that have been on hold or delayed may begin to finally come together and solidify.

November’s final significant event occurs on Nov 28 with Venus opposite Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter usually get along quite well—but sometimes a little too well. Coinciding with Thanksgiving in the United States (a holiday where we celebrate the mass slaughter of Native Americans and the confiscation of their land by eating a lot of Turkey and tubers), I would imagine this aspect may result in over the top self-indulgence.

For everyone else not stuffing their face on this day, Venus opposite Jupiter is all about moderation. It can go either way. A desire to stick to necessities and essentials may be at odds with the desire to find happiness, however fleeting, by any means possible.

Uncertainty about what’s really wanted can likely send us chasing tails and going in circles trying to figure it out.  If you stick to the middle road, without going to any particular extreme, things should work out more favorably.

 Nov 1: Uranus square Pluto; Mercury sextile Mars; Mercury conjunct Sun sextile Pluto trine Chiron
Nov 3: Solar Eclipse @ 11 Scorpio 16’; Sun sextile Mars
Nov 5: Venus enters Capricorn
Nov 6: Sun conjunct Saturn; Jupiter stationary retrograde
Nov 7: Venus sextile Neptune
Nov 8: Mercury sextile Venus
Nov 9: Mars sextile Saturn; Mercury trine Neptune
Nov 10: Mercury stationary direct
Nov 11: Mercury trine Neptune direct
Nov 12: Sun trine Jupiter
Nov 13: Neptune stationary direct
Nov 14: Venus square Uranus
Nov 15: Venus conjunct Pluto
Nov 17: Full Moon @ 25 Taurus 26’
Nov 19: Mars sextile Jupiter
Nov 20: Mercury sextile Pluto
Nov 21: Sun enters Sagittarius
Nov 23: Venus sextile Saturn
Nov 24: Sun square Neptune
Nov 25: Mercury conjunct Saturn
Nov 27: Mercury sextile Venus
Nov 28: Venus opposition Jupiter

Nov 30: Sun trine Uranus