Confidence Tempered by Humility: New Moon in Leo 2014

One of the Louvre Museum lions from the famous glazed bricks friezes found in the apadana (Darius the Great's palace) in Susa (Shush). Pavillon Sully at the Louvre museum, Paris, France, July 2008. Photo by Patrick C., Wikimedia Commons.

New Moon @ 3 Leo 52'
July 26, 2014
6:52 PM Eastern
3:52 PM Pacific

The Sun and Moon conjoin in Leo this month, renewing the Lunar cycle alongside the most gaseous of gas giants, Jupiter. Yes, Jupiter has moved into Leo as of July 16. Its journey through Cancer amplified a collective emphasis on healing, nourishing, nurturing and introspection—connecting to our roots and establishing ourselves somewhere.

Jupiter’s elevated expression guides us with optimism toward a higher path and pulls us out of some precarious sinkholes. Through Jupiter’s expansion we are guided to opportunities for the advancement of destiny; we see something new on the horizon, some hope for a better set of circumstances.

Now, Jupiter moves into Leo, changing things quite a bit. This New Moon is an announcement of Jupiter’s latest journey since it sits within a degree of conjunction to this lunation. Mercury’s retrograde cycle is now in the past, putting an end to the lengthy chain of inner planet retrogrades we experienced at the start of the year.

First, take a look back at the past six months to see how far you’ve come. How has your life path changed? If you have but a modicum of conscious self-awareness then you’ve probably come pretty far. Now that things are direct and “forward flowing”, this lunation provides the gusto and momentum to make a statement.

Leo is the most ostentatious sign of the zodiac. After all that inward reflection, nurturing and healing, we’re ready to take a break, let loose and play a little bit. Jupiter, associated with fire sign Sagittarius, finds ample room in Leo for showcasing the ego’s greatest talents and abilities. Jupiter’s transit through Leo can help us all acquire more confidence to tackle our destiny head on.

As the Sun and Moon conjoin in fiery Leo, sink down and feel that reservoir of inner strength within you. Notice the life force that permeates all living things. The Sun, ruler of Leo, is the most primal symbol of this life force that enlivens all sentient beings. Connect to that sense of natural, inner joy that is every human’s right.

The creative impulse that animates our cells is pure joy and bliss. It is a wellspring of endless energy and enthusiasm for life. It flows through each and every one of us. Think about that. What keeps you going, exactly? What motivates you to do what you do each and every day?

When things seem bleak, difficult or challenging, just remember that the creative life force is within you and it’s always guiding you toward a higher path. Jupiter, the cosmic helping hand, coming into Leo can assist in pulling us up and out of any rut to rejuvenate our creativity and our thirst for life experience.

This New Moon can act as a powerful launching pad to put ourselves out there in some way. The seed is being planted now, kicking off Jupiter’s latest journey. It’s time to explore the inner creative realms, to grasp opportunities for self-expression and to rediscover joy in our every-day lives.

Also, sometimes a giant tub of ice cream and a funny movie can be just as healing as psychotherapy and a tissue box. Sometimes simple laughter can bring us back to a point of integration and sanity like nothing else. That’s Jupiter in Leo. If you’re feeling it, let yourself indulge in playfulness for a bit. Get in touch with your inner child in some way.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. This Jupiter/Leo combo can also amplify the ego and its drama like no other astrological fusion. Keep that in mind. Confidence must be tempered with humility and perspective. Without that, we end up looking like fools, jumping off every precipice, throwing all caution to the wind.

Also, since Jupiter was exalted in Cancer and trine Saturn, events on the world stage have been relatively mild--politically and economically speaking. But Jupiter's movement through Leo is likely to heat things up quite a bit, quite possibly in some dramatic way. 

Mars recently moved into Scorpio July 25, the day before the New MoonMars has been in Libra since Dec. 2013 due to its most infrequent retrograde cycle. There’s been a particular emphasis on relationships with this transit—redefining ourselves within that context.

Mars’ retrograde cycle through Libra also helped us to break out of certain molds or expectations placed on us from other people. We may have experienced a process of redefining ourselves in some drastic way—breaking out of the box, so to speak.

Mars in Scorpio makes a square aspect to this New Moon, applying some tension to this otherwise joyful, expressive, and enthusiastic lunation; but I think this square is the perfect aspect to temper the fiery passion and optimism inherent to this lunation.

Scorpio brings up depth and perspective; it also reminds us of our impermanence. We’re challenged by this aspect to showcase ourselves honestly—to be true to ourselves and realistic about what we’re really capable of. If we fail to do so, we may be in for a rude reminder of our limitations.

The catch is that all this energy is urging us to take a risk of some kind; but to do so in a way that doesn’t lead to overreaching or exaggerating our capabilities. Saturn, now moving direct as of July 20, also occupies Scorpio and so emphasizes the fact that there are no shortcuts to success. All the talent in the world is useless without the proper discipline and focus.

Mars in Scorpio square this lunation gives us the focus and perspective needed to attain what we desire. Saturn’s distant influence can help mold and direct that wild, creative impetus bubbling up beneath us in some practical and realistic way. So, needless to say, this New Moon is quite conducive to taking action.

If you feel the creative impetus emerging from within you, you’re not alone. Whatever’s been holding you back for the past several months is likely losing its grip, clearing the way for a fresh, new start that’s bound for success if we really believe in ourselves and our ability to make it happen. If you’re in need of a confidence boost, look no further than this New Moon and Jupiter’s transit through Leo.

If you’ve inflated yourself beyond realistic capabilities, look to see how you can temper that over-confidence so that it fits neatly with reality the way it actually is.

SolarScopes July-August 2014

Yes, I’m trying something new this month. Maybe it’s Jupiter conjunct the New Moon in Leo. Well, truthfully, it isn’t entirely new. I’ve experimented with Sun sign horoscopes in the past, on this blog actually; but it’s always been a rather unnerving process—a love hate relationship of sorts. Anyway, the muse struck just prior to this lunation, and this is where she led me. I hope you enjoy and benefit from these oracular messages from the tropical zodiac.

This may or may not become a consistent, monthly addition to my New Moon readings, so don’t get too attached. I’m a Gemini. I’m allowed to change my mind, right? These are probably more accurate if read from the perspective of your tropical zodiac Sun sign; but further insights could be obtained from reading your Moon or even Ascendant signs. Hey, this isn’t a science; it’s astrology for God’s sake. See what resonates for you. (Btw, tropical is just your Sun sign as you likely know it; unless you’re into Jyotish or something like that; but I doubt you would be reading my blog)


The heat is off, for now, despite the fiery energy inherent to this New Moon. It may have felt like you were shoved into a pressure cooker there for a while. Take a deep breath, and embrace this period of momentary relief from tension. You’ve earned it. Look around for opportunities to use your talents in some way. Indulge your creative side, explore and experiment. Laughter will be your medicine the next year or so, but especially right now in this moment. Yes, laughter is sometimes a mask for pain, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the best way for you to relieve tension and stress right now.


Awareness is often the greatest gift. The more you know about yourself and the world around you, the better equipped you are to take on life’s challenges; and the less vulnerable you are too. The more awareness we have, the more we seem to grow and evolve through life experience. You are being blessed with the gift of awareness; embrace it and use it wisely and constructively toward creating the resolution you now seek within yourself and with your environment. Doors are now opening, allowing you to enter a more intimate as well as psychic space. Sink in, get comfortable and play with it.


The greatest ideas can’t shine unless we share them in some way. Also, sometimes, the greatest ideas aren’t as great as we thought they once were. Where are you on that spectrum? It’s time to figure it out. There’s a fine line between too much confidence and not enough. Ideally, we find the middle ground somewhere. Ideally, we step back and assess what it is realistically. But, now, you’re feeling the need to let it out and to be heard. The only way to find out how “great” those ideas really are, is to put them out there or into motion somehow. The universe will provide you with valuable feedback.


You may be feeling the urge to prove yourself in some way. But I invite you to ask yourself to whom are you proving yourself to? Often we find ourselves trying to make a statement to appease someone else’s expectation or ideal; but have you really assessed your own? What do you expect from yourself? No, really. Think about that for a moment, what do YOU expect from yourself? That might be harder to do than it sounds. When you figure it out, you might realize that the only person you have to prove your worth to is yourself. It’s that simple and it’s that complex.


If there ever was a moment to shine, this would be it! But, uh, don’t let that go to your head. I mean, really, we know how you are sometimes. Jupiter entering your sign for the next 12 months is an exciting prospect and one that you would do well to utilize consciously and responsibly. I throw those words out there because it’s the smart thing to do. But seriously, there are opportunities that beckon, in whatever shape or form. There is a wellspring of confidence emerging into the light. Do you see it? You may feel bigger and brighter than usual. It’s time to expand your personal horizon; lead with confidence but know your limitations.


The creative muse is emerging from behind the scenes, whispering inspiration when you least expect it. True creative energy is something transient—emerging from realms we neither see nor fully understand. When the muse strikes us, we know it based on a bodily sensation, an adrenalin rush of sorts. You may be gifted with unasked for inspiration. Chances are that it takes the form of something you need to communicate truthfully and honestly. Forget about offending anyone—that’s likely inevitable. Not everyone will understand your vision as you do. Let it take whatever form it desires, even if that pushes someone else’s buttons, or worse, goes against their beliefs about reality.


You may have reinvented yourself over the past several months. That’s perfect. But now you’re getting used to this new you, taking it out for a test drive to see how the world responds. What you seek now is something a little deeper than physical appearances. You may want the world to not only accept the façade, but the deeper values that lie beneath it. Sometimes, we have to take a risk to stay true to ourselves. That’s a little scary for some of us, and it may be for you now too. The only way to know what you really believe in is to see it stand up to criticism or, if necessary, scrutiny.


The heat is on and it’s burning with fiery passion! There is this energy in the air it seems, motivating you to take on your destiny in some direct and dynamic way. Perhaps it’s a small step, but they add up over time until you realize you’ve built a mountain through the sheer power of your will. Your will is strong now; it cuts deeply into reality. It may take some work to see anything tangible emerge now, but Saturn in your sign has been teaching you those hard lessons for the past two years. Like a warrior, you have the ability to take on giants. Have confidence, but be wary of overdoing it. Small steps can build mountains, but all in due time.


Our cultural conditioning has convinced us that we should have some rigid plan for our future. Those that really believe that usually end up disappointed, or soon realize that it’s not entirely how life actually works. Some of us never quite shed that belief. When I was seven I wanted to be an actor. That probably would have worked out; but life unfolded unexpectedly, and well, I couldn’t have imagined doing what I actually do now. Life, when given full expression, unfolds creatively. We start somewhere and end up some place completely unexpected. Embrace this wisdom. Trust the creative impulse urging you to break out of the template and explore something you never thought you would.


Western culture has such a perverse perspective of death—and equally, sex too. In astrology those two things are intimately related in an archetypal sense. For all of us, death is inevitable. Sex, well, optional. Neither has to be so shrouded in taboo. Both experiences bring humans together in an intimate way. In death or orgasm we glimpse beyond the veil; for a moment we sense something larger than ourselves. You’re invited now to play with other worlds beyond the palpable reality. Things that were too scary to look at now seem much friendlier than before, inviting you to touch the depths of human experience with confidence and a light-hearted attitude.


Commitment might not be too appealing right now. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first, would you? Don’t beat yourself up just because you aren’t more decisive. What you need now is a more playful attitude. Sample the dynamics that emerge between you and another. How does it taste? How do you feel after certain interactions? Most of all, whatever comes up, let it unfold naturally. You might be looking more for playmates as opposed to soul-mates. That’s okay, go with it. You need people around you now that feed you joy—that bring laughter into your life.


Fad diets and their marketing strategists have us all convinced that a healthy lifestyle equates to gnawing on raw vegetables and cutting our caloric intake until we’re left with saltine cracker crumbs. Sometimes, that might be helpful; but is it healthful? A healthy lifestyle requires that we nourish ourselves—body, mind and soul. Nourishment takes on many different forms. Sometimes laughter is nourishing, sometimes ice cream. What everyone tends to believe about health, usually the opposite is true. You need to find a way to bring more joy into how you choose to improve yourself. Get creative with it! Expand your definition of self-improvement; it can really be fun!