Introspection and Honesty: Full Moon in Capricorn 2014

A full moon is visible in this view above Earth’s horizon and airglow, Photographed by Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao on the International Space Station on (24 February 2005). 
Full Moon @ 20 degrees Capricorn 03'
July 12, 2014
4:23 AM Pacific
7:23 AM Eastern

While those of us in the northern hemisphere are likely feeling a little warmer with the onset of the Summer season, this Capricorn Full Moon brings in a different archetypal influx, a cold and serious tone. Accompanied by Pluto in Capricorn, the Full Moon takes on a tint of Pluto’s icy, distant aura.

There may be a desire for deep and introspective solitude alongside this Full Moon. There are shadows to face, demons to acknowledge, addictions to fess up to. What are those things covering up? They’re concealing pain, lots of collective and personal pain. It seems that suffering is a natural part of the human experience. Few of us ever get off the wheel.

Don’t get me wrong here; I seem to be painting a rather negative picture, generating dread for this Full Moon. That’s not the whole story, but I put it out there because it seems a prominent theme—fessing up to addictive tendencies to cover up something painful, possibly traumatic.

At the root of it, this Full Moon brings to culmination and brings to light, aspects of our reality we don’t want to acknowledge. There’s a need for raw, uncensored honesty here, whatever that looks like for you. It may be some small thing, but whatever it is it should be dealt with truthfully by seeing it the way it actually is.

The Full Moon squares Mars, Ceres, Vesta and the North Node in Libra. This prominent conjunction points to relationships and the compromise needed to sustain them. Too often, we get into relationships because we feel that they’ll somehow fulfill something missing within us and we commit to others without understanding ourselves.

Eventually, the hormonal spell wears off and we’re left to deal with that void, usually projected onto the other person. Ceres and Vesta speak about nourishment and passion. Mars points toward directed and willful action.

How can we nourish others without first nourishing ourselves? How can we find passion in a relationship without first connecting with our own inner passion? When we place too many expectations on a relationship to fulfill our inner needs, we end up disappointed and sometimes angry that it isn't working out the way we desire.

The New Moon seed that was planted two weeks ago brought our attention to the need to recharge and connect with the soul energy. Now, that seed is culminating, bringing to light those desires and fears that block us from successfully integrating with the world.

Check in with your compulsions, what’s motivating them exactly? Instead of acting on the compulsion, sit with the thing you don’t want to feel. Go into it, acknowledge and nurture the void.  When other people aren’t cooperating or falling into alignment with your expectations, ask yourself whether there’s something you need to look at within yourself first.

The people in our lives are powerful mirrors of our internalized stuff. Look around at those you associate with daily, and see what they’re showing you. Sometimes a little solitude and self-reflection is all we need to get a clearer perspective. Capricorn’s highest expression is the mastery of desires, taming the beast within us and directing its energy toward some higher calling.

That’s certainly no small task, but we may get a taste of that process with this lunation in some way. When feeling angry or frustrated, it’s probably best to take a time out and check in with yourself first. That could save everyone from a lot of grief later on.