The Other Side: Full Moon in Aries 2017

A horse looking over a wall; photo by muffinn, UK via Wikimedia Commons. 

A horse looking over a wall; photo by muffinn, UK via Wikimedia Commons. 

Full Moon @ 12 Aries 43'
Oct. 5, 2017
11:40 AM Los Angeles
2:40 PM New York
7:40 PM London
10:40 PM Dubai
Oct. 6
2:40 AM Beijing
5:40 AM Sydney
7:40 AM Auckland 

As the waxing lunar cycle climaxes in tropical Aries, there’s a wave of hot, fierce, fire intensity alongside it. But there are critical lessons to be learned here about the use and expression of force, aggression, and passion. Full Moon’s always correlate with the completion, culmination, or ending of a process. Collectively, they bring psychic forces to a critical mass and amplify the flavor or feel of the general atmosphere.

With this lunation in Aries, a cardinal fire sign ruled by the planet Mars, there’s a notable yang expression/dynamic to this Full Moon which can capacitate impulsiveness, willfulness, courage, and fear.

The positive face of this Full Moon is empowering and mobilizing. It represents immense accessibility to inner strength and audacity. If you’ve been feeling a gradual increase in motivation, the Full Moon’s rising energy is likely to accentuate that. Look around at what’s currently in the process of integration and achievement.

Put your enthusiasm and energy into furthering the end goals of processes already underway, and use the next two weeks to consider the launch of new ventures after the New Moon in Libra Oct. 19/20. For now, feel this surging intensity and use it to step up fearlessly to what scares you in life. Realize your power to take up space and command what you desire.

A Full Moon is always a balancing act. With the Sun and Mercury in Libra opposing the Moon, you must accommodate alien perspectives. Before rushing into battle with this Full Moon, make sure that you’re aware of all sides to the story/issue. In other words, get another opinion. Receptivity is just as important with this lunation as acknowledging your innate, inner power.

Synchronously, Venus conjoins Mars alongside this Full Moon. This Venus/Mars conjunction in Virgo in opposition to Neptune (and trine Pluto) offers insight and lessons about forces that are beyond our control. It’s too easy to respond to impulsive desire, anger, rage, fear, or frustration with this lunation, but before doing so, take a step back.

The mitigating and calming effect of Venus on Mars can help temper and tame uncontrollable reactions. Neptune opposite this conjunction suggests that for now, we surrender to the mystery and allow life to be complicated. With all that we see and experience in the world today, it’s tempting to allow our fear of complexity and uncertainty to simplify critical issues in the world and our own lives.

Neptune’s highest teaching is that we will never fully penetrate the illusions/mysteries of reality. There’s always another question on the other side. We can explore that in our lives in choosing to listen more than we speak, in choosing to see all the parties and opinions before bounding ourselves into a crusade.

Our primal instincts serve us in the heat of the moment by narrowing down a specific threat or target, but when displaced onto more complex personal and social issues, they can fool us into expending our time and energy on the wrong targets. Pluto square this lunation suggests that we be aware of the causes, unconscious motives, and unseen factors.

While this Full Moon can also be incredibly hot, sexual, and creative, it can expand consciousness and experiences beyond biological or personal needs. When it comes to sex, consider how incredibly sexy it is when a partner attempts to understand you and see your perspective. As you engage with this Full Moon, don’t just react, try to understand the object of your fear or desires. In doing so, you’ll grow and deepen your awareness of both internal and external realities.

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