Feeling Heavy: Sun/Pluto & Mercury/Saturn

Image by Volker Gringmuth via Wikimedia Commons.

Image by Volker Gringmuth via Wikimedia Commons.

If things are feeling unusually heavy lately, you're probably not alone. The Sun in Capricorn is aligning with the underworld ruler, Pluto, while Mercury conjoins taskmaster Saturn this weekend. In the backdrop of it all, is the building Saturn/Pluto conjunction, whose energies we notably felt around the New Moon/solar eclipse last weekend.

As mentioned in the New Moon reading, Saturn and Pluto will reach their exact conjunction in 2020, though they designate a period from late 2017-2021ish. Global conservative empowerment, looming crises, the rise of power hungry dictators, it can feel like we've stepped into a dystopian novel and can't quite find a way out. If you want to know more, read my article here (classic dystopian novels are written under Saturn/Pluto periods, by the way).

But for the next few days, the dreariness of the Saturn/Pluto vibes can feel especially intense. Sun/Pluto conjunctions can force us to look at things with more glaring honesty. The dark side and underbelly make themselves known. For focusing or contemplating imperfections, the next several days offers up an incredible opportunity. But no, it won't feel great, and you'll likely notice that candy coating doesn't stick for a bit.

Mercury's conjunction with Saturn this weekend is a classic aspect of mental and communicative blocks, restrictions, and pauses. Feeling depressed or experiencing a general, gloomy outlook is likely, however, don't forget the incredible productivity available right now. As challenging as this weekend can feel emotionally, there's a positive side if we can embrace our responsibilities, or even hunker down on some task in solitude.

It just might be that you need a break from external distractions or meaningless activity, and to sink into some work or task, you love. If you're unsure, think about what that could be for you, or begin planning a path toward discovery. Remember, we're between eclipses, so this is an uncomfortable, yet fertile moment for personal transformation. Trust the changes you're being called to make, and then step boldly forth and do your great work.