Beyond the Hype: Supermoon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 2019

Robert Jay GaBany [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Robert Jay GaBany [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse @ 0 Leo 52’

January 20, 2019

9:16 PM Los Angeles

January 21, 2019

12:16 AM New York

5:16 AM London

1:16 PM Beijing

4:16 PM Sydney

This month, the lunar cycle culminates in a Supermoon/total lunar eclipse in tropical Leo. A Supermoon is a Full Moon that occurs at perigee, the Moon's closest approach to Earth. Supermoons are notably larger and brighter than an average Full Moon. During a Supermoon, moonlight can shine up to 30% brighter, and the Moon can appear 14% larger than usual. However, don't believe the hype surrounding this Supermoon/eclipse.

The size difference is notable, but not as spectacular as some fake news articles might lead you to believe. A total lunar eclipse is when the Moon moves entirely into the Earth's shadow or umbra, taking on an ominous red-orange color. If you live in North or South America, Europe, or North or West Africa, you're in for a rare event. Supermoon/total lunar eclipses are unique, and something you should get out and see if you reside in these regions. Click here for eclipse times in your area.

A total lunar eclipse is an extra-potent Full Moon, which can correlate with significant culminations, breakthroughs, or endings. A total lunar eclipse can bring about a final resolution to a continuing conflict or negotiation. It can also correlate with the emergence of a crisis or breaking point. Occurring in tropical Leo and square Uranus in Aries, this is a highly dramatic, and unpredictable eclipse.

And occurring close to the Cancer north node, the Moon's power is greatly enhanced. Erratic emotionality, rapid mood fluctuations, and quick decision making can accompany this lunation. The Uranian energies triggering this eclipse can generate rebellious tendencies and less tolerance for oppressive restraints. Leo's positive qualities stimulate the desire for self-expression, applause, and visibility.

This Leo lunar eclipse invites us to be seen and recognized for our uniqueness and abilities. Spontaneous creativity and playfulness can flow from this lunation, adding excitement and wildness into the collective vibes. The Sun's ingress into Aquarius and opposition to the lunar eclipse adds another unique spin. With the Sun now free of Capricorn, where Saturn and Pluto are currently transiting, this eclipse can help to break up some of the heavy and challenging energies of the past few weeks.

Look out for enhanced confidence and the need for independence. Used positively, this eclipse can bring about a breakthrough in stepping up and receiving acknowledgment or recognition. Expressed negatively, this eclipse can hyperinflate arrogance, excessive dramatization, or childish egocentricity. As this lunar cycle climaxes, Venus is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

The fusion of these two benefic planets in Jupiter's home sign has a positive, optimistic, and uplifting feel. New relational opportunities can manifest in the days surrounding this lunation, as well as the desire to go overboard on seduction and self-gratification. Jupiter and Venus' trine to Mars in Aries equally adds a sexual and vigorous quality to this eclipse, stimulating assertiveness to get what you want. Sudden, lucky breaks can manifest alongside this potent lunar eclipse too, so be mindful of good opportunities as well as the pitfalls of falling for the hype.