Full Moon in Virgo 2018

Step Up and Be Helpful: Full Moon in Virgo 2018

Hypholoma fasciculare, Yellow Sulphur Tuft mushrooms; photo by Stu's Images [ CC BY-SA 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Hypholoma fasciculare, Yellow Sulphur Tuft mushrooms; photo by Stu's Images [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Full Moon @ 11 Virgo 23' 

March 1, 2018

4:52 PM Los Angeles 

7:52 PM New York

March 2, 2018

1:52 AM London

4:52 AM Dubai

6:52 AM Beijing

9:52 AM Sydney

12:52 PM Auckland

As the Full Moon culminates in tropical Virgo, we’re challenged to integrate the Virgo/Pisces polarity. Over the past week, four planets, including the Centaur object, Chiron, have been transiting Pisces. Neptune and Chiron have been here for some time, but the Sun, Mercury, and Venus' recent Piscean ingress further punctuate the collective dissolution of boundaries, awakening the need to unify as a response to a lucid awareness of chaotic forces within the universe. Under this heavy Piscean influx, we’re inundated with waves of compassion, empathy, and potential confusion. As we meet face to face with the abysmal void of mystery and unknowing, we may feel powerless and overwhelmed.

Pisces seeks self-transcendence, and in that process, can impulse the need to move beyond personal concerns for the sake of a larger cause, movement, or purpose. For some, the Piscean depths can lead to a sense of floundering as we struggle to cope with the true enormity of the universe and its myriad shapes, forms, and experiences. While an expansion of consciousness can augment one's personal awareness and perceptions, it can sometimes ignite a crisis as one gains a true perspective of their existence relative to everything else. And in its most extreme, Pisces invokes a realization of the fluidity of all matter, time, and space--that what we see, touch, and feel are nothing more than a dream, passing by like diaphanous clouds.

But as the Full Moon reaches its peak, it brings with it a grounding, pragmatic, and directed vibe into the collective sphere. Virgo, a mutable, earth sign, seeks reason, intelligibility, and precision. If you’ve felt like you’ve been carried away by a tidal wave lately, uncertain or clueless of the direction of flow, this Full Moon in Virgo acts as a helpful, focusing lens of integration. A Full Moon in Virgo can bring your persistent efforts to a culmination, helping to zero in on a practical application for your innate need or desire to be of service to others. And while doubt and criticism are aspects of the Virgoan shadow, Neptune’s opposition (alongside the pile-up of planets in Pisces) serve to remind us that ultimate perfection is not the goal.

Life feels overwhelming when faced with things outside of your control. Understanding yourself is key to finding your power and place in the world. While you can't control fate or the chaos of life, your destiny belongs to you, something you can always strive for to gain command of your life path


We're here for the experience, and in actuality, the ultimate shape or form of those experiences doesn’t really matter. From an esoteric perspective, our karma may be nothing more than an emotional memory or awareness that moves throughout the universe in the form of an amorphous energy. The ego’s attachment to perfection reflects its inability to accept its impermanence and pointlessness. As a vehicle for the soul’s expression in each lifetime, the ego is a temporary cloak that will eventually be discarded. Thus, the shape of your life and your purpose in this lifetime is essentially the same thing, a vehicle for the acquisition of experience.

As the Moon blossoms in Virgo, consider what great service you have to offer the world. Consider that you deserve to feel useful and needed by the communities that you’re a part of--that you deserve to feel connected to something greater than your personal needs and desires. Look out into the world and consider who you might help and how you might overcome the ego’s petty need to “get it right” so that you can just show up and serve. How desperately does the world need those willing to band together and give their gifts, competence, and tools for the sake of being useful? Neptune’s opposition and conjunction with the Sun is a powerful reminder that there's truly no division between you and them, that we’re all in this together. Whatever you ultimately choose as the vehicle for your service, Virgo’s ideal aim of perfection can help you hone your craft and improve it.

During this Full Moon, you may find yourself reaching a new stage of competency and skillfulness, or find that your efforts at self-improvement are bearing some fruit. Mars’ wide square to the Full Moon axis and Mercury/Venus in Pisces can be a source of aggravation, frustration, or conflict leading to the crisis aspect of the Full Moon. For some, this lunation may aggressively bring forth the realization of some aspect of their lives that desperately needs to be worked on. But Mars can also manifest as a catalyst for the mobilization of willpower and relentless determination to better oneself. And Saturn’s trine to the Full Moon is a helpful aspect for narrowing in on a singular objective, offering an ease of access to persistence and self-discipline.  As the Moon reaches this next climax, consider releasing your need to get it perfect and just step up and be helpful.