January New Moon 2018

Unified Willpower: New Moon in Capricorn 2018

Giant Sequoias in Sequoia National Park, 2013; photo by Tuxyso via Wikimedia Commons.

Giant Sequoias in Sequoia National Park, 2013; photo by Tuxyso via Wikimedia Commons.

New Moon @ 26 Capricorn 54'

Jan. 16

6:17 PM Los Angeles

9:17 PM New York

Jan. 17

3:17 AM London

6:17 AM Dubai

8:17 AM Beijing

11:17 AM Sydney

2:17 Auckland

This first New Moon of 2018 marks the opening to eclipse season, culminating in a Supermoon/lunar eclipse on Jan. 31/Feb. 1. Occurring in tropical Capricorn, and with four other planets currently in this sign (including Pluto and Saturn), this lunation generates a focused, sobering vibe. On one level, a New Moon in Capricorn is a critical starting point for the execution of projects, tasks, or plans which require enormous amounts of hard work, commitment, and dedication. With such emphasis currently in Capricorn, this New Moon supports sustained effort and discipline channeled toward the accomplishment of long-range goals and objectives.

While a New Moon and the sign of Capricorn naturally stimulate the desire to retreat or withdraw, the planet Venus’ conjunction to this lunation adds a social dimension. Relationships of all kinds get highlighted in addition to artistic outlets. Relational and creative transmutations have been a major theme of the last few weeks with the Sun/Venus superior conjunction accompanied by Pluto. The clustering of these planets has worked to deepen established relationships, revealing unconscious desires, secrets, and emotions.

Alongside the Jupiter/Mars conjunction, the intensity of the past lunar cycle has been a critical step in deepening our awareness of embedded psychic and emotional constructs. But Capricorn is a highly pragmatic sign; themes that emerge around this New Moon direct us to the implementation of concrete strategies and ambitions. Venus’ presence points to collaboration and bridge building, suggesting that wherever you’re trying to go right now might work better if you ask for help, or that you might gain more fulfillment by offering a helping hand.

Collectively, this lunation carries a powerful message that social change is more effective when everyone is working toward similar objectives creating a unifying effect. A dynamic square from Uranus adds an element of unexpected change, breakthrough, or rebellious impulses, pressuring the implementation of adjustment or variation within our social contracts. Until Uranus fully ingresses into Taurus next year, the Uranus/Pluto square is still engendering massive collective upheaval and revolution. While Uranus is ultimately chaotic and unpredictable, its effect on this New Moon helps to catalyze new creative and cooperative directions.

For current relationships, Uranus’ square strongly suggests changing things up and adding something different to the usual routines. For some, this New Moon may mark a major chapter change in the overall structure of a relationship. For new relationships ignited under the auspices of Venus, there’s likely to be elements of spontaneity, impulsiveness, uniqueness, and unpredictability. A sextile from both Mars and Jupiter adds passion, lustiness, and enthusiasm to the moment. Ultimately, the major challenge of this New Moon is finding a healthy way to amicably integrate commitment and follow-through while inclusive of life’s inevitable need for diversification. 




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