Libra Season

The Dark Moon & Mercury in Scorpio

Early October sunset; photo by Chad Woodward

Early October sunset; photo by Chad Woodward

We are in the darkness of the Libra New Moon. Yes, this is a natural rest and reset moment which can relate to a ubiquitous zap of energy (that some people feel more strongly). But the New Moon is also a fresh beginning point. The next two weeks of the upward turning lunar cycle are conducive to the initiation of new paths.

This New Moon is particularly dark with the New Moon ruler, Venus, retrograde in Scorpio. There is more going on right now than you can presently see, especially in the context of relationships. Scorpio works on subterranean levels as does its modern ruler Pluto. The next few days are pivotal starting points for several Venus retrograde themes.

One side effect of this New Moon could be a gradual unveiling of concealed desires or hidden aspects of another. The Scorpio realms add more dimension and insight to what we consciously know about our reality. Mercury enters Scorpio Oct. 9 which gives the mind investigative prowess evident until the end of the month.

For mentally and perceptually dissecting just about anything, Mercury in Scorpio is optimal energy. Authenticity wins out over all things superficial. The subtext is more clearly discernable and false fronts rapidly dissolve, revealing the underlying vulnerability. Do what you will with such insight, but in this karmically charged landscape, you might do best to stick to what eases your conscience.


Libra Season+The Equinox 2018

Venus reflected on the Pacific Ocean and setting with the Sun in 2008; by OceanBrocken Inaglory at the English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Venus reflected on the Pacific Ocean and setting with the Sun in 2008; by OceanBrocken Inaglory at the English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Mercury and the Sun are now in tropical Libra. The Sun's annual entrance into Libra each year initiates the equinox (autumn for the northern and spring for the southern hemispheres). For the north dwelling ancients (where western astrology gave rise), the Sun into Libra symbolized the start of the Sun's descent. Traditionally, the Sun is in its "fall" in Libra, where it loses some of its autonomy and power.

Today, we know that the solar system is heliocentric, that all planets orbit the Sun. The ancients, at least those who developed western astrology, did not. However, it's an interesting synchronicity (synchronicities are ubiquitous with astrology) that the Sun (as a symbol of the self, ego, or I) would lose its dignity in a sign which emphasizes relationship. Relationships do not revolve around an individual. For any relationship to work (romantic, marriage, friendship, or professional), some part of the self must be sacrificed or changed.

In Libra, the Sun is not symbolically at the center; it must accommodate the needs of others. With Mercury and the Sun entering Libra side by side, this equinox doubly emphasizes empathy, diplomacy, and sensitivity to alien points of view. At the moment, both Mercury and Sun in Libra suggest moving beyond a purely egocentric lens and seeking understanding of another.

Additionally, Venus is at its greatest brightness and visibility as it gets closer to the Earth. As ruler of Libra, the Venusian energies are dominating this Libra season. At sunset, we can still glimpse Venus in its last moments as the evening star. Soon, it will descend into the heart of the Sun, vanishing in Oct. but emerging again before sunrise as the morning star in early Nov.

The desire to love and be loved is getting louder. You might note a deeper appreciation for those you love and the things you want. With Venus bright and both Mercury and Sun in Libra, we perceive through the heart, noticing beauty and feeling more strongly pulled by our attractions. Next month, anticipate a critical revaluing of relationships, resources, and self-worth.

For now, delve deeply into your heart. Attune your focus to another viewpoint or perspective. Calm the mind and surrender to the heart energy so that you can hear what it has to say. Decisiveness can be a problem, especially the next several days, but it is the season to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and consider the pros and cons.