Sun in Libra

Peace, Love & Darkness: New Moon in Libra 2018

Photo by Chad Woodward, October 2018

Photo by Chad Woodward, October 2018

New Moon @ 15 Libra 48’

October 8, 2018

8:47 PM Los Angeles

11:47 PM New York

October 9, 2018

4:47 AM London

11:47 AM Beijing

1:47 PM Sydney

Every New Moon is a dark Moon, the moment within the lunar cycle when the Moon cannot be seen. This New Moon is especially dark, given its square aspect to Pluto and with Venus now moving retrograde in Scorpio. Occurring in tropical Libra, this New Moon highlights relationships, desires, and attractions and their ability to reflect concealed and unconscious aspects within ourselves.

This lunation is about plunging deep to uncover what lies hidden beneath our social veneers which prevent authentic interaction. Libra's negative face exemplifies the abuse of charm, charisma, and glamor when used as vehicles for manipulation and self-gratification. A successful descent into this New Moon requires a commitment to honesty as well as integrity.

Over the next three weeks especially, with Venus now retrograde through Scorpio, we are undergoing a powerful personal and relational renewal which occurs every year and a half. Venus, as ruler of this New Moon, initiates us on our quest into the darkness, to confront the obscure and discarded to find peace, love, and acceptance for what is.

Pluto's square to the New Moon and Mars' applying square to Venus are two points of tension which can challenge us with the limitations of power or serve as catalysts to step up and create real and lasting change. As we pass through this lunation, consider the time, patience, and commitment required to develop love and passion for anyone and anything.

This New Moon can stand as the gateway to the deepening of both love and passion for those commitments and relationships we've established close bonds to. Venus' retrograde station can amplify our desire to love and be loved, sensitizing any woundedness or heartbreak.

A most significant step in life, as it is with this New Moon, is learning to trust our wounds, pain, fears, and anxieties as teachers. There is great wisdom in the darkness, despite the western world's obsessive subjugation of it. There is freedom and liberation in encountering the taboo and those things despised. We are not separate from the things we fear or do not understand. We have merely lost our connection to the totality of our truth.

With this lunation, step back, sink in, and listen. Move beyond the comfortable prison of your personal and subjective perspective. Over the next lunar cycle, there is a challenge in trusting the call to seek a potentially ambiguous viewpoint. As Venus' archetype gets louder, we will descend deeper into the irrational, wild, and untamable. We may have to move into some uncomfortable places to grow, but we will learn to value and appreciate a new reality (both within and without) that we never really noticed before.


Waning into the Void: Moon in Aries

By ESO/WFI (Optical); MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A.Weiss et al. (Submillimetre); NASA/CXC/CfA/R.Kraft et al. (X-ray)Derivative work including grading and crop: Julian Herzog

By ESO/WFI (Optical); MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A.Weiss et al. (Submillimetre); NASA/CXC/CfA/R.Kraft et al. (X-ray)Derivative work including grading and crop: Julian Herzog

While the lunar cycle is now on the wane, the Full Moon still radiates via its transit through Aries. With the Sun square Saturn, limitations, responsibilities, and perceived shortcomings may taunt us. And the Full Moon's conjunction with Chiron could have pierced open areas of intense sensitivity, rendering the Aries warrior especially vulnerable. These Full Moon vibes are not a smooth integration, but they open spaces conducive to deep healing and transmutation. 

Avoid stuckness in guilt or shame. Feel what is arising, and choose to move on. Saturn's square is about being proactive and accountable. With the Sun and Mercury now in Libra post-equinox, relationship issues are likely to dominate. Venus' approaching retrograde station heightens serendipitous meetups and relationship review. We are about to descend deeper into the shadows, so prepare for a far more intimate confrontation with themes which are arising. 

If you've felt blocked or stagnant from the Full Moon, the Sun's applying trine with Mars will help to liberate motivation. However, Mars is nearing its final conjunction with the lunar South Node, so the courage, stamina, and strength desired may not be readily available. In this waning Moon in Aries, focus on a releasing of fears, frustrations, and anxieties. Make space for the warrior to return to his or her full glory, so gather your strength and push on. 

The Moon is void in Aries until Sept. 27, which is long enough to taint new starts or block consummations. However, this is a viably creative/spontaneous space, where unexpected turns can lead to exciting new shapes. In the newly waning Moon phase, you can sever connections, attachments, and habits. Be careful, as disconnections made over the next day may be more permanent than you initially might think.


Libra Season+The Equinox 2018

Venus reflected on the Pacific Ocean and setting with the Sun in 2008; by OceanBrocken Inaglory at the English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Venus reflected on the Pacific Ocean and setting with the Sun in 2008; by OceanBrocken Inaglory at the English Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Mercury and the Sun are now in tropical Libra. The Sun's annual entrance into Libra each year initiates the equinox (autumn for the northern and spring for the southern hemispheres). For the north dwelling ancients (where western astrology gave rise), the Sun into Libra symbolized the start of the Sun's descent. Traditionally, the Sun is in its "fall" in Libra, where it loses some of its autonomy and power.

Today, we know that the solar system is heliocentric, that all planets orbit the Sun. The ancients, at least those who developed western astrology, did not. However, it's an interesting synchronicity (synchronicities are ubiquitous with astrology) that the Sun (as a symbol of the self, ego, or I) would lose its dignity in a sign which emphasizes relationship. Relationships do not revolve around an individual. For any relationship to work (romantic, marriage, friendship, or professional), some part of the self must be sacrificed or changed.

In Libra, the Sun is not symbolically at the center; it must accommodate the needs of others. With Mercury and the Sun entering Libra side by side, this equinox doubly emphasizes empathy, diplomacy, and sensitivity to alien points of view. At the moment, both Mercury and Sun in Libra suggest moving beyond a purely egocentric lens and seeking understanding of another.

Additionally, Venus is at its greatest brightness and visibility as it gets closer to the Earth. As ruler of Libra, the Venusian energies are dominating this Libra season. At sunset, we can still glimpse Venus in its last moments as the evening star. Soon, it will descend into the heart of the Sun, vanishing in Oct. but emerging again before sunrise as the morning star in early Nov.

The desire to love and be loved is getting louder. You might note a deeper appreciation for those you love and the things you want. With Venus bright and both Mercury and Sun in Libra, we perceive through the heart, noticing beauty and feeling more strongly pulled by our attractions. Next month, anticipate a critical revaluing of relationships, resources, and self-worth.

For now, delve deeply into your heart. Attune your focus to another viewpoint or perspective. Calm the mind and surrender to the heart energy so that you can hear what it has to say. Decisiveness can be a problem, especially the next several days, but it is the season to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and consider the pros and cons.