New Moon October 2017

Turning it Around: New Moon in Libra 2017

Somewhere in Utah; photo by Chad Woodward, 2017.

Somewhere in Utah; photo by Chad Woodward, 2017.

New Moon @ 26 Libra 35'

October 19, 2017

12:12 PM Los Angeles 

3:12 PM New York

6:12 PM London

9:12 PM Dubai

11:12 PM Beijing

Oct. 20, 2017 

2:12 AM Sydney

5:12 AM Auckland

After a hot, volatile Full Moon in Aries just two weeks ago, this tropical Libra New Moon is a time to reset ourselves and settle in for another cycle. While this isn’t the most comfortable or peaceful New Moon, it’s still a natural time to recharge and recalibrate. The sign of Libra places emphasis on our relationships, which covers everything from domestic/marriage partners, intimate, longstanding friendships to anyone you might associate with professionally.

Libra, and its planetary ruler, Venus, symbolize our instinct to relate, find common ground, build bridges between disparate pieces, and see eye to eye. The positive face of Libra is the ability to locate our common humanity in everyone we encounter, no matter how different they appear to be. This most basic of human instincts generates cohesion and social harmony. It is the root of our desire to get along and avoid conflict.

When taken to an extreme, Libra/Venus can put on a happy face even when it doesn’t want to, just to make other people feel comfortable, by hiding its true feelings or nature. With Venus currently transiting Libra, it’s easy to do this right now, no matter what you may be experiencing in your personal life. Venus in Libra, while comfortable and “auspicious” here, can tempt many of us to hide behind an artificial veneer just to “keep the peace.”

The challenge of this New Moon is the amicable nature of Libra and Venus, and the lower energy of the New Moon vibes receiving a hard hit from Uranus in Aries. While the New Moon is a time of rest and rejuvenation, Uranus’ opposition inflames rebellious, individualistic impulses. In whatever situation you find yourself, you’ll have to balance these two polarities, but it’s a natural time to begin this practice.

With this New Moon, look to certain social dimensions in your life, and in what way you can infuse your own personal flair, style, or viewpoints without alienating yourself or causing widespread disruption. How can you rebel or create changes in certain relationships/partnerships without completely burning down bridges? Also, how can you maintain peace, harmony, and common ground in situations that require you to take a stand and stay true to yourself?

No matter what you do with this New Moon, you’ll notice a shifting dynamic in certain relationships. These changes will make an obvious impact over the next two weeks beyond this New Moon threshold. Occurring in cardinal signs and involving Uranus, this is anything but a stable, calming New Moon moment. It’s a time to embrace as well as healthfully create change within your social interactions and step courageously into the future.

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