New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer 2017: What Speaks to Your Heart?

White Yarrow by Peter Pearsall/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, via Wikimedia Commons.

White Yarrow by Peter Pearsall/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, via Wikimedia Commons.

New Moon @ 2 degrees Cancer 47'

June 23, 2017

7:31 PM Pacific

10:31 PM Eastern

This month, the lunar cycle renews itself with a New Moon in the tropical sign of Cancer. After the peak of energy at the Full Moon (June 9), you may find yourself needing a moment to recharge and relax. That’s kind of always the deal with New Moons in general, but particularly in Cancer, consciousness is more attuned to intimacy and inner needs. However, the Sun just made a conjunction with Mercury which lies within three degrees of the New Moon. There’s likely to be some residual buzziness in the atmosphere, urging you to seek stimulation and conversation. 
In Cancer, that’s likely to be directed to the imaginal life. With Cancer being one of the most fertile signs of the tropical zodiac and the Moon as ruler of this sign, this is a potent time for planting seeds of intention. Use this New Moon to get attuned to subconscious messages that may be arising. There’s probably been a lot of good ideas floating around, but focus your attention on those that really resonate with you on a gut level. That’s what this New Moon is all about, getting in touch with those impressions we receive about things that defy logic and common sense. 
The unconscious, imaginal life has considerable power with this lunation. This is also a potent moment for magic, mystery, and deep intimacy. Just past the summer solstice (winter solstice in the southern hemisphere), we’ve crossed a critical threshold in the Sun’s annual cycle. The summer solstice is a time to revel in our creativity and to enjoy the abundance that surrounds us. There is so much life and vitality at this time of the year, and with Mercury’s close proximity to this lunation, it can feel like there’s so much to do but you don’t quite know where to start. 
The New Moon in Cancer says, “start with what truly speaks to your heart.” To hear what the heart is saying, you need to avoid distraction and overwhelming yourself with too much activity. Make it a point with this lunation to lay low and recharge your energy. When you do that, you’ll find it easier to make contact with your inner guidance. With that said, a New Moon in Cancer highlights a need for security, safety, and domestic concerns. When planning for the future, you’re likely to take these themes into deep consideration. The Sun recently opposed Saturn, which is at its brightest this time of the year. 
This Saturnian opposition has many of us focusing on long term goals, strategies, collaborations, as well as a realization of life’s limitations. A New Moon in Cancer can also amplify emotional insecurities, fears, and vulnerabilities in the face of harsh realities and obstacles. However, the New Moon in Cancer invites each of us to trust the process at work. This dark of the Moon does not bring resolutions, but rather the willingness to take those first steps into the dark to make our dreams a reality. Look around for the support that you do have, and take time to show gratitude and love. The New Moon says, “you’ll find your way; just listen to your heart.” 

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Trust That You Are Loved: New Moon in Cancer 2016

Photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos, via Flickr

Photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos, via Flickr

New Moon @ 12 Cancer 54'
July 4, 2016
7:01 AM Eastern
4:01 AM Pacific

This lunation is the first New Moon of summer in the tropical sign of Cancer. It also occurs on the United States’ Independence Day which is widely celebrated here in the U.S. For this reason, the New Moon points a spotlight on the U.S. because it correlates with its birthday. The New Moon is joined by both Mercury and Venus, which all stand in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. The zodiac sign of Cancer stands as a symbol of safety, nourishment, protection, healing, and comfort. In its high expression, Cancer seeks to provide this in gentle, loving ways.

The Moon, which we associate with the sign Cancer, has an archetypal link to the symbol of mother--the one who provides sustenance needed to bring and sustain new life into the world. Here at the New Moon, we stand at a beginning--a moment imbued potentially with mystery, uncertainty, and anticipation. With any New Moon, you may feel less energized, but with Mars recently turned direct and now picking up speed, feel free to begin planting the seeds for forward movement and the initiation of new endeavors. A reservoir of strength and momentum will gradually become available to you. You may notice more energy and confidence build over the coming two weeks.

Pluto, in opposition to the New Moon, dredges up the shadow of Cancer. While the mother seeks to protect those she has brought forth into the world (with whatever it takes to do so!), all things are vulnerable in this reality; nothing is ultimately safe and protected from harm. In Cancer’s shadow, there is a chronic paranoia of dangers which seek to annihilate oneself and loved ones. Cancer, in its shadow, blocks the flow of life and love as it recoils from the world, building walls, and segregating one’s life from full participation in the unfolding of the moment.

Cancer, in its shadow, can also lead to the desire to cling to dying circumstances--to keep things as they are for the sake of the comfort and sense of safety that they provide. This New Moon carries the potential for realizations relating to how you can extend love outward to make changes in your life and in the larger world. To be truly loving, we must accept what we love for what it is and not try to change it. Where in your life is this needed? How can you express more love in authentic ways? As the Sun and Moon conjoin, they invite you to look deeply at the expression of love in your life, by finding new ways to love and trust the moment the way that it is.

While this is a deeply sensitive and emotional New Moon, which highlights fears related to security, vulnerabilities, and sensitivities, it asks that we keep our eye on the higher path--the bigger plan or mission that is seeking manifestation in the world. When we look at our own lives, as well as the events in the world, it can be hard to accept what is. Mars will assist you to make the changes and take the appropriate actions to free yourself of oppressive or stagnate situations. But ultimately, this New Moon is offering signs and omens in regards to the love we need to express to vitalize and nourish all aspects of our lives. And finally, trust that YOU are loved and supported by the universe in your wholeness, no matter what.

 You did not come to Earth without a guide. Evolutionary Astrology is a powerful tool for self-discovery and an exceptionally helpful guide in times of uncertainty, crisis or stagnation. Click here for reading options and pricing.

New Moon In Cancer 2012

New Moon @ 26 Cancer 55'
July 18, 2012--9:24 PM Pacific
July 19, 2012--0:24 AM Eastern

Are we there yet?

This month's New Moon provides quite a shift and change of scenery--since we've been experiencing a powerful influx of Gemini lately, the New Moon in Cancer brings in some entirely new archetypal dynamics. We are still in the midst of Mercury's retrograde cycle, until August 7th--however, this New Moon provides loads of new energy potential and is perfect for planning highly significant changes of focus and direction in the future. Wait--what? More planning and waiting?  The key aspect configuration within this lunation is an extremely striking T-square--formed by an opposition with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn--so in other words, we are equally dealing with some rather intense and unstable energy patterns here. While coinciding with Mercury's retrograde cycle, this dynamic aspect structure could provide some challenges if not dealt with consciously. The first half of this year was incredibly fermented by the retrograde archetype--and it has probably felt like the world was turning backwards--into rather spontaneous and uncontrollable directions. With this Mars and Uranus opposition, which is rather exact, we may feel a compulsion to really break free of certain restraints and restrictions--which could also lead to argumentativeness and disputes with others if one is not cautious.

This particular configuration also occurs between planets occupying the cardinal signs of the zodiac, so there will be a strong inclination to radically transform solidified structures in our lives--and to truly liberate ourselves from the demands and restrictions placed by others. Further amplifying this construct, Uranus turned retrograde on July 13 (through December 13), just one day prior to Mercury going retrograde as well. So, while it may feel very compelling to make some drastic sweeping changes at this time--because we just can't wait any longer--do keep in mind, this is really more about brainstorming, reflecting, and adjusting than it is about taking decisive action right away. This New Moon presents us with a lot of pressure, which each of us will respond to in varying ways--however, also keep in mind that we are free to take our time here, to really consider options and choices over the next few weeks. There is also a highly creative process that is occurring now, allowing for entirely new ways of doing things to reveal themselves. Collectively and individually, this New Moon brings with it, the realization that something needs to change--that is for sure. At this particular juncture, there is no doubt that there needs to be a critical restructuring--however, we don't need to commit just yet. What is required with this lunation is more a process of nailing it down, and allowing ourselves to make some decisions, which is much welcome after a period of possible intense indecisiveness.

Keep your mind open, sense and feel your way through these seemingly uncertain and turbulent times. There is a powerful transition taking place within all of us, and we can utilize the higher potential if we are more receptive and patient. The asteroid Pallas Athena conjoins this configuration through a conjunction with Uranus in Aries. There may be some sudden and seemingly ingenious new ideas floating about that could strike when we least expect it--so it would be best to remain completely open to radical ideas and progressive realizations. Mid August through October will be a very energizing and far more productive window of time, since we will be clear of the retrograde frenzy which has swept the collective consciousness for roughly the past eight months. Use that time for implementing and launching certain plans and projects that have been simmering for so long on the back burner--you will find less obstacles and challenges standing in the way.

Use any or all frustrution with current circumstances as a powerful creative catalyst which can inspire instead of irritate--and keep emotions from getting carried away. We are reminded here that there is far more potential than we are currently imagining for ourselves and for the world--so break out of the mold, shatter those moribund preconceived notions, and embrace the coming tide of change and transformation which awaits just around the corner. Mars in Libra trines Jupiter in Gemini, and both are sextile, along with Venus in Gemini, to Mercury retrograde in Leo--consider ideas and perspectives from others, they may be incredibly helpful and reveal things you never thought possible. This may imply adjusting our perception of certain relationships, or reconsidering insight and feedback from the past that we may have shrugged off without considering its importance. Collectively, it will be interesting to see what will unfold once Mercury goes direct, especially on the political front. This New Moon feels like a leaky damn, with one crack too many. Once August comes around, watch out for the flood, it's going to be big. For the world, that simply means out with the old, in with the new. For us as individuals, just another step within a creative process--ok, well more like a leap.

 So, just to reiterate, this lunation is ideal for strategizing and formulating various plans of action, and to get clear about the next steps that need to be taken. While many of us will feel just plain fed up with the way things are right now, the next few weeks will assist in bringing to light the best possible course of action. Also, the most critical changes that will take place during Mercury's retrograde cycle will occur entirely within ourselves--with a process of powerful deconditioning. Embrace the potential to really break free of deeply ingrained patterns and limitations which have been holding you back. Another interesting consideration is the fact that we are currently experiencing the peak of solar activity, via several coronal mass ejections. Along with Mercury retrograde, this could possibly accentuate the possibility of mechanical breakdowns and electronic malfunctions--so just be more aware of this. According to astrologer and founder of Matrix Software, Michael Erlewine, high solar flare activity often leads to many changes and transformative processes within ones identity, which can feel as if things are more uncertain and unstable than usual. To quote a facebook post, or blog from Micheal's page:
"One of the more difficult to detect (wake-up-to) signs of real change is the ennui or the dissatisfaction of assessing who I am and where I am at. One day I am just humming along in my little self-driven universe and the next I have somehow fallen out of it. There I sit once again, left high and dry while the tide of my current life apparently has decided to go out for a spell. What went wrong?

This then is where the gag reflex ‘not-to-panic’ comes in. My previous tendency was to madly try to cover up or over my emptiness, the nakedness I feel when I run out of satisfaction or happiness and come to a linear stop – the end of a line. How do I manage to forget each time that life is cyclical and not linear? Somehow it all just goes void and there I am, seemingly without a clue as to what has happened. When solar flares emerge, this experience of void-ness is very likely to occur at some point in the cycle of change."
Michael describes these times as a sort of time-out if you will, in which we are needing to deeply access who we are and rediscover a new path and direction for our lives. Mercury retrograde equally corroborates this advice as well--so don't feel guilty for possibly needing more down time lately, these changes are natural and cyclic.

The sabian symbol for the new moon reads:

27 Cancer: "A storm in a canyon"

This is a rather perfect image to describe the current solar storm activity, as well as the rather unsettling aspect configurations surrounding this lunation. While often chaotic and unexpected, a storm works to break things up and bring about a renewal of energy. A canyon is a natural formation often carved by a river over millions of years. Both a storm, and a canyon, give the sense of a natural disturbance which works to break apart some preexisting structure or formation.


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