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Trust That You Are Loved: New Moon in Cancer 2016

Photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos, via Flickr

Photo by Theophilos Papadopoulos, via Flickr

New Moon @ 12 Cancer 54'
July 4, 2016
7:01 AM Eastern
4:01 AM Pacific

This lunation is the first New Moon of summer in the tropical sign of Cancer. It also occurs on the United States’ Independence Day which is widely celebrated here in the U.S. For this reason, the New Moon points a spotlight on the U.S. because it correlates with its birthday. The New Moon is joined by both Mercury and Venus, which all stand in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. The zodiac sign of Cancer stands as a symbol of safety, nourishment, protection, healing, and comfort. In its high expression, Cancer seeks to provide this in gentle, loving ways.

The Moon, which we associate with the sign Cancer, has an archetypal link to the symbol of mother--the one who provides sustenance needed to bring and sustain new life into the world. Here at the New Moon, we stand at a beginning--a moment imbued potentially with mystery, uncertainty, and anticipation. With any New Moon, you may feel less energized, but with Mars recently turned direct and now picking up speed, feel free to begin planting the seeds for forward movement and the initiation of new endeavors. A reservoir of strength and momentum will gradually become available to you. You may notice more energy and confidence build over the coming two weeks.

Pluto, in opposition to the New Moon, dredges up the shadow of Cancer. While the mother seeks to protect those she has brought forth into the world (with whatever it takes to do so!), all things are vulnerable in this reality; nothing is ultimately safe and protected from harm. In Cancer’s shadow, there is a chronic paranoia of dangers which seek to annihilate oneself and loved ones. Cancer, in its shadow, blocks the flow of life and love as it recoils from the world, building walls, and segregating one’s life from full participation in the unfolding of the moment.

Cancer, in its shadow, can also lead to the desire to cling to dying circumstances--to keep things as they are for the sake of the comfort and sense of safety that they provide. This New Moon carries the potential for realizations relating to how you can extend love outward to make changes in your life and in the larger world. To be truly loving, we must accept what we love for what it is and not try to change it. Where in your life is this needed? How can you express more love in authentic ways? As the Sun and Moon conjoin, they invite you to look deeply at the expression of love in your life, by finding new ways to love and trust the moment the way that it is.

While this is a deeply sensitive and emotional New Moon, which highlights fears related to security, vulnerabilities, and sensitivities, it asks that we keep our eye on the higher path--the bigger plan or mission that is seeking manifestation in the world. When we look at our own lives, as well as the events in the world, it can be hard to accept what is. Mars will assist you to make the changes and take the appropriate actions to free yourself of oppressive or stagnate situations. But ultimately, this New Moon is offering signs and omens in regards to the love we need to express to vitalize and nourish all aspects of our lives. And finally, trust that YOU are loved and supported by the universe in your wholeness, no matter what.

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