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Welcome to Kosmic Horizon Forecasts! This is a preview of a paid-subscription service I plan to offer by the equinox of 2017. These are forecasts based on your tropical rising sign, not Sun sign. To read them correctly, you'll need know your rising sign. This requires an accurate birth time. If you don't know your rising sign (also known as your Ascendant sign), use this handy Ascendant calculator over at CafeAstrology that can quickly tell you what your rising sign is. The format, look, and writing style is likely to change in the next several weeks as I develop this new product. Please feel free to email me with any feedback or suggestions at kosmicmind@gmail.com. Also, please take a second to respond to the brief survey below.  In addition to either bi-weekly or monthly forecasts, I will be including other features to a future membership site. This survey will help me better serve you.  Thank you! 

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